New department special CNC manufacturing

We are glad to inform you that we are setting up, beside the usual production typologies, a brand new CNC Turning department.


The processes will be oriented to mini batches production, in different materials, in order to offer an innovative service dedicated to a context in which there is the need to provide global flexibility.


This flexibility regards both the minimum production pieces and the design as well as the material. We are able to work turning diameters up to O300 and length up to 500mm in case of stems and extensions.




Steels in the following declinations:


    • Carbon Steel - A105/A105N

    • Carbon Steels Low Temperature (Acciai -46°/-101°) A350 LF2/LF3

    • High Yield Steel (Acciai ad Alto Snervamento) A694 F52/F60/F65 - API 60K

    • Low Alloy Steel (Acciai Basso Legati per Alte Temperature) A182 F5/F9/F11

    • Duplex  F51

    • Superduplex   F53 ed F55

    • Authentic stainless F44 - F304 - F316 - F904 - XM19 (Nitronic50)

    • Superaustenitic Alloy 926 (Altissima resistenza alla corrosione)

    • Martensitic Stainless steel - F6A/F6NM - AISI420 - AISI630 (17-4 PH)

    • Stainless steel superalloys Inconel 625/825 ed Inconel 718 - Monel K400/K500



Non-iron alloys:


    • Nickel bronze, aluminium bronze

    • Aluminium/Anticorodal 2011/6060/6082

    • Avional (Duralluminio) 2024 T3/T4

    • Titanium Ti-B348 Gr.2 - Ti-B348 Gr.5 - Ti-B348Gr.12 - Ti-B381 F2



Given the properties of the materials mentioned, the field of use will be mainly aimed to very specific areas:


Aerospace, bio medical and Pharmaceutical industry, Chemicals and Petrochemical industries, Cryogenic, Naval sector, free time equipment, Automotive (possible peculiar realization of car parts/motorcycle/Bikes on demand, engine parts included).


According to the above, we will be delighted to support your project

s either in the very first part of study and realization providing prototypes and samples, and in the following volume production of the details, ensuring the highest level of quality over time.


We are therefore able to propose to our clients the most suitable solutions for their requests.




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