Cometal developed its own sustainability project with the purpose to prevent any environmental impact thanks to targeted measures regarding policies to reduce energy consumption, waste management, noise and polluting emissions. Environmental respect and care are a pillar of our mission. Our company is pursuing real sustainability objectives, thanks to CO2 emissions reducing by the use of specific photovoltaic devices implemented in the rooftop of its plant.




Cometal green marketing strategies include the following main points:


 • Waste reduction through an efficient and attentive production;

 • CO2 emissions reducing through photovoltaic devices;

 • Testing, research and innovation to avoid waste;

 • Workers training through environmental information and educational tools to optimize working activities respecting the environment;

 • Protection and care of the work environment, new air quality systems;

 • Goods transport reduction to lower CO2 emissions in the atmosphere;

 • Sourcing saving, recycling practices and packaging pollution cut.


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